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  • Special Event Stations OF9X, OH9SCL on the Air from the Land of Santa Claus December 20, 2014
    The Santa Claus stations, OH9SCL (“Santa Claus Land”) and OF9X (“Old Father Nine Xmas”) are on the air! As Santa is busy loading up his sleigh preparing for his journey around the world, his elves will be at the controls of Santa Radio and can tell you Santa's whereabouts. Stop by and say hello. Santa’s […]
  • Russian ARISS Team Transmitting Slow-Scan TV from the ISS December 19, 2014
    Several stations around the globe reported receiving slow-scan television (SSTV) images from the International Space Station on December 18. The Russian ARISS announced earlier that it would activate the Amateur Radio SSTV “experiment” from the ISS on 145.800 MHz FM (PD180 mode). Additional transmissions are planned for December 20. All of the images commemorate the […]
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As many of you know, the question pool for the Amateur Extra Exam will change on July 1, 2012. The W4VEC Team has received several requests to take the Extra Exam prior to the July 1 change. We will give the Extra Exam at the June 11, 2012 Rowan ARS Club meeting for anyone interested in giving it a try. You will need a photo ID, your original license, a copy of your original license, and the $12.00 testing fee. If you know a ham who is not in the club and wants to upgrade, this is the time.

You may contact N4YZ if you have any questions.

Tommie Wood – N4YZ

UPDATE and CLARIFICATION – While there will be a focus on the Extra Class exam due to the upcoming question pool changes, testing for ALL Amateur Radio Licensing Classes will be available.

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