Featuring The N4UH 2M & 70cm Repeaters Transmitting From Rowan County NC USA – EM95 – ITU Zone 8

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Been doing some spring cleaning around the website. Went ahead and replaced the winter theme with the spring theme since it is going to be in the mid 70’s today and spring is just around the corner anyway. Don’t get too used to it though because a new more mobile friendly theme is being developed and will be replacing the current theme selection in the not too distant future. In going over the server logs and site statistics I have noticed that there are a few features, and pages that are not being used and they will be discontinued or removed as part of the cleaning process. The goal is to make the site run as smoothly as possible, and load as quickly as possible across as many platforms as possible while still providing the information our visitors are looking for.

Update – As you can see I have installed the newest theme. It seems to be working properly at this point using standard browsers like Chrome, FireFox Internet Explorer, and Safari on windows based machines. If you are experiencing any troubles or have seen any quirks using our website, I would appreciate your input. Please indicate how you are accessing the website, like are you using a smart phone running Andriod, or an Apple iPad etc. etc…

As always, your comments, suggestions, corrections, and updates are always welcome and can be submitted via our contact page. Thank You and Best Regards.

The next meeting of the Rowan Amateur Radio Society will be Monday August 13, 2012 at 7:00 PM Featuring a program entitled “VSWR: What is It, What is the V, and Why is it important to me?” Presented by Rick Wallace K4PM. You can read more in the latest edition of the club newsletter the Harmonics which has recently been published and is now available for download. The Club Roster has also been updated to reflect the latest changes in membership. And finally, this website will be undergoing routine maintenance early Saturday morning August 11, 2012 from 12:00 AM – 4:00 AM. The website may not be accessible during this period. If an unforeseen problem arises during maintenance we will post updates on our Facebook Page.Thank You and 73