Featuring The N4UH 2M & 70cm Repeaters Transmitting From Rowan County NC USA – EM95 – ITU Zone 8

Field Day

ARRL’s Field Day is an annual emergency preparedness training event.

Mr. Ralph Mowery KU4PT has submitted pictures taken at the Rowan Amateur Radio Society sponsored ARRL Field Day event which was held at Sloan Park located in western Rowan County. The pictures have been uploaded to the clubs Facebook page (Facebook membership not required to view the page or the pictures!) and can be seen here:


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TNX and 73

Rowan ARS FD Well, with the exception of a few rain drops and lightning bolts crashing about Friday, this years Field Day seems to have gone pretty smooth. Rowan Amateur Radio Society Member Ralph Mowery KU4PT has graciously submitted a few photographs taken at this years Field Day event which was held at Sloan Park. You can view these images on the following page:


You may want to Bookmark that page and check back later to see if any additional images have been submitted.