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The January 2011 FoxHunt is now history. We had five (5) members attend and all met for breakfast at the Checkered Flag. Rick Wallace (K4PM) and Bud Bost (K4AGO) were the Fox for the day. They headed south while everyone else met at the Salisbury Mall to prepare for the start. The fox hunters were: Jim Winters (K4JGW), Gary Lang (K4GHL) and Tommie Wood (N4YZ).

The fox could not be heard at the mall so K4PM gave a clue:” Head south toward China Grove and if you get to Landis you went too far.” All the hunters drove down Hwy 29 toward China Grove and began to hear the fox around Webb Road. After reaching China Grove all the hunters went there own way but K4GHL and N4YZ spent a lot of time around China Grove Jr. High trying to find what they thought was a strong signal in the area.

Guess what? It was not around the Jr. High. After a long time looking around China Grove all the hunters showed up on the south side at the cemetery between China Grove and Landis. Gary found the fox first with his doppler and 18 miles. Jim gave up after an extended period with 31 miles and no find. Tommie found the fox last with 14.4 miles behind the columbarium on the west side of the cemetery. The rules make the hunter with the lowest mileage the winner.

The final results were:

  1. Tommie Wood – N4YZ 14.4 miles
  2. Gary Lang – K4GHL 18.0 miles
  3. Jim Winters – K4JGW 31 miles

Next month the fox should be Tommie – N4YZ but he will be in Florida staying warm. Billy Stewart (WA4PVI) will be the replacement fox for February. Any questions about next month’s FoxHunt should be directed to Billy Stewart at email hidden; JavaScript is required. If you have not been to one of our FoxHunts, you do not know how much fun you are missing.

WHEN: Saturday, January 22, 2011

WHERE: Salisbury Mall (in Parking Lot Outside the Dollar Store)

Bring your walkies, beams, attenuators, etc. and join the fun. This is a club event to let our members learn how to foxhunt without the pressure of competition. Bring what you have and just have fun. Come early (8am) and eat with us at the Checkered Flag located at South Main Street and Hwy 150.

If you need further information please contact:

Tommie Wood / N4YZ at email hidden; JavaScript is required or 704-637-0024