Field Day

Rowan ARS Field Day

“Always The Fourth Full Weekend In June!”

This years event date is June 23-24 2018

Q: What is Field Day?

A: Field Day is an annual event sponsored by the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL), the main purpose of this event is to hone the individual and collective operating skills of federally licensed amateur radio operators.

By using ONLY emergency power like batteries or generators, and setting up in remote locations far away from the comfort of our homes, we increase our ability to operate under adverse conditions. This helps to assure that the next time there is a disaster and the power goes off, we will be ready to assist with emergency communications.

Field Day also provides an opportunity for the Amateur Radio Community to demonstrate their skills in a none emergency setting. Thus allowing the public to see how emergency communications actually works, up close and in person! Everyone is welcome.

The Rowan Amateur Radio Society has participated in Field Day activities for over 40 yrs. We usually begin setting up at about noon on Saturday and operate for 24 consecutive hours, shutting down at noon on Sunday. The event is often held at Sloan Park, which is located in western Rowan County just of Hwy 150 on Sloan Road. This page will be updated to reflect any changes. See Map Below:

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