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Current Space WX
VHF Auroral ConditionsVHF Aurora Status
2 Meter E-Skip Conditions in North America2m E-Skip in NA Status
2 Meter E-Skip Conditions in Europe2m E-Skip in EU Status
Solar X-Ray ConditionsSolar X-Ray Status
Geomagnetic Field ConditionsGeomag Field Status
Maximum Usable Frequency and E-Skip ConditionsMUF and Es Status

Data Sources: N3KL DxRobot MMM

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NOTICE – Due to maintenance in the meeting room, the Rowan Amateur Radio Society’s scheduled November 10th meeting has to be pushed to the third Monday, November 17 2014 at 7:00 PM at the Rowan County Rescue Squad Building at 1140 Julian Rd, Salisbury NC.

The ARRL is investigating a breach of one of it’s web servers, and it is advised that you change your account password if you are a member. Learn more by visiting the link below.