Elmer’s are a very special group of people, and one of our hobbies greatest resources. Elmer’s are essentially tutors, or mentors that volunteer their time and talents to help teach, encourage and inspire those wanting to learn about “Amateur Radio”.

An Elmer may offer generalized help, or may elect to specialize in a certain area they are proficient in like Morse Code, Antennas, Emergency Communications, or Computer interfacing; just to name a few. Below you will find a list of such individuals; including the area they feel they can best help you in.

Elmers NameCall SignPhone NumberHelp available with:
Mark KelnerWG8Y704~209~1369Antennas, Basic Radio Theory, Lightning & Grounding Protection, etc
Jim WintersW4YF704~661~0638General Information
Tommie WoodN4YZ704~637~0024General Information and Testing

Many thanks go out to all the Elmer’s who volunteer their time and talents, your efforts help form the backbone of this great hobby. If you are already licensed and would truly like to make a difference in somebody’s life, please consider signing up as an Amateur Radio Elmer today.

Thank You, 73