N4UH Repeaters

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N4UH - 2M

China Grove, NC

145.410 MHz -0.600 MHz ~PL 136.5


Antenna pattern skewed SSE to prevent co-interference

Height 800 feet AGL

n4uh coverage.png

N4UH - 440

China Grove, NC

443.250 MHz +5.000 MHz ~ PL 136.5

Height 800 feet AGL

Weekly Nets

Pineboard Ragchew Net

Ragchew and Trivia

Open to Technician Class and Above



8:45 PM

Rowan County ARES Net

Check In and Test Radio Equipment Function

Open to Technician Class and Above



8:30 PM

Repeater Etiquette

Use of the repeaters requires that you follow FCC law as well as certain repeater rules. Please click the link below for a PDF copy of the repeater rules. 

Come visit us!

2nd Monday of every month @ 7:00 PM
Meetings are open to the public
Entry in back

PO BOX 1112

Granite Quarry, NC 28072

Rowan Rescue Squad Building #91

1140 Julian Rd, Salisbury, NC 28146

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